Agriculture has long been the main domestic economic source and export powerhouse of Vietnam since it’s opening up in the late 1980s.

Today, Vietnam is a top-5 global exporter of coffee and rice, through agro-technology enhancement. Vietnam is rapidly boosting production to surpass rival countries.

Sunny World will continue facilitating the partnerships between local businesses and foreign investors of agro-technology development to push Vietnam to the forefront of the global agriculture market.


The Vietnam healthcare sector currently faces a number of challenges, including outdated and overcrowded facilities, obsolete equipment for surgery, insufficient state budget and a shortage of qualified medical staff.

Pitted against the population’s growing income, more than 30,000 Vietnamese go abroad for treatment, equaling approximately USD 2 billion being spent out of pocket – a clear indication of the need for drastically improved domestic healthcare.

The government has approved a national plan to develop the healthcare network by 2020, encompassing 25 beds, 8 physicians and 2 pharmacists for every 10,000 people. We will see high-quality specialized hospitals, international standard general hospitals and improved pharmaceutical and healthcare equipment in this time.

To meet patients’ needs, Sunny World is at the forefront of the introduction of high-technology equipment, improved services and well-trained, experienced healthcare providers. We are dedicated to healthcare development as seen in the array of services we provide to hospitals, medical groups and physicians. Our experience allows us to enhance project value without compromising quality, while ensuring flexibility and attention to the needs of society and patients themselves.


Home to a spectacular 3,200 km sandy shoreline, mountainous highlands and a vast array of cultural, historic and culinary attractions, tourism is a major driver of Vietnam’s economy.

Expected to catch up to, or even surpass, such tourist meccas as Thailand and Malaysia, now is the perfect time for Vietnam to enhance product offerings throughout the country with focus on further developing destinations and attractions.

In addition to improving international tourism, Sunny World also focuses on the growing domestic market to support local economic growth and employment.

By cooperating with domestic & international partners, our goal is to develop in- and outbound tourism products of international standard, and deliver memorable journeys visitors will want to visit again and again.

Infrastructure & Logistics

The need for infrastructure in Vietnam is obvious, making it a main focus for Sunny World. We are an integral part of the development of infrastructure systems in line with the government’s development roadmap for the coming decades.

Sunny World will engage in partnerships in technical infrastructure projects in transportation (road, rail, airports, sea ports), power infrastructure (with a strong focus on renewable, sustainable energy sources), urban infrastructure (water supply, waste treatment and handling, mass transit) and infrastructure in and around industrial and special economic zones.

We will also develop social infrastructure frameworks in close partnership with the government and in concert with the needs of the private sector. This will cover education (both academic and vocational), healthcare and culture (sports, heritage and tourism).

Complementary to our commitment to the growth and investment in infrastructure is our interest in the development of the logistics industry to support the effective movement of goods and thereby efficient access to world markets.

It is our aim to connect international investors with the best on-the-ground logistics providers to ensure world-class logistics support for farmers and manufacturers. This includes quality cold chain infrastructures, warehousing and distribution centers, transportation networks by road, rail, waterways and air, and ensuring that world-leading technologies and safeguards are in place.

Renewable Energy

“Renewable energies are sources of clean, inexhaustible and increasingly competitive energy. They differ from fossil fuels principally in their diversity, abundance and potential for use anywhere on the planet, but above all in that they produce neither greenhouse gases – which cause climate change – nor polluting emissions. Their costs are also falling and at a sustainable rate, whereas the general cost trend for fossil fuels is in the opposite direction in spite of their present volatility.”

Being only 5% of the country’s total power output, renewable power in Vietnam is still in its infancy. However, the future of renewable energy in Vietnam is limitless, especially in wind and solar power.

Vietnam’s ever growing demand for energy drives our consistent quest for sustainable, long-term solutions. Sunny World sees renewable energy as the answer and hence extensively works in conjunction with the public sector to provide a safer, cleaner and more sustainable energy solution to the people of Vietnam.

Real Estate

“The one-stop shop for real estate”

Sunny World provides a full spectrum of real estate services for property owners and investors, from Investment Advisory, Deal Structuring and Development Management to Sales and Marketing. Our current clients include real estate project owners, institutional investors, cross-border developers and MNCs.

We systematically develop iconic properties of trusted quality that become a point of pride for residents and guests looking for international expertise and distinct leadership from seasoned professionals.

Operating Projects

Under Development Projects