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The healthcare sector in Vietnam currently faces many challenges, including outdated and overcrowded facilities, obsolete equipment for surgery, insufficient state budget and a shortage of qualified medical staff.

Pitted against the population’s growing income, more than 30,000 Vietnamese go abroad for treatment, equalling approximately USD 2 billion being spent out of pocket – a clear indication of the need for drastically improved domestic healthcare.

The government has approved a national plan to develop the healthcare network by 2020, encompassing 25 beds, eight physicians and two pharmacists for every 10,000 people. We will see high-quality specialised hospitals, international standard general hospitals and improved pharmaceutical and healthcare equipment in this time.

To meet patients’ needs, Sunny World is at the forefront of the introduction of high-technology equipment, improved services and well-trained, experienced healthcare providers. We are dedicated to healthcare development as seen in the array of services we provide to hospitals, medical groups and physicians. Our experience allows us to enhance project value without compromising quality while ensuring flexibility and attention to the needs of society and patients themselves.

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