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Our Businesses

Investor, Investment Promotion & Business Development

Investor, Investment Promotion
& Business Development

Acting as an advisor, we help investors gain insight and discover suitable ways to invest in growth opportunities within Vietnam.

Finding, recruiting and assisting partners in investing in various businesses in Vietnam is among our chief priorities. We also partner with investors to further developing these businesses.


Owner Representation

On behalf of investors and developers, we provide comprehensive management and coordination across all project types, phases and activities.

With diversified hands-on experience, industry knowledge, honed skills and a vast network, we advocate for owners by providing value-added resources and guidance through their project’s lifecycle, ensuring all aspects comply with the law.

Owner Representation
Investment & Asset Management

& Asset Management

For investors and developers with a great interest in the Vietnamese marketplace, we offer a comprehensive advisory service. You will find great value in our local insights, global network and wealth of knowledge. Our solutions are tailored to suit your business needs, objectives and goals.


Development &
Regulatory Advisory

We assist clients with regulatory issues surrounding the acquisition, financing and development in Vietnam. Whether you’re a buyer, investor or landowner, we’ll find the right partner for your needs.

For potential investors, we’re able to assist throughout the entire investment process, including finding properties that meet your criteria, performing due diligence and structuring the deal terms. For landowners, we leverage our local knowledge, experience and network to maximise the exposure of your property.

Development & 
Regulatory Advisory
Project Management


We manage our clients’ projects from idea to realisation, paying attention to every detail of the process, from cost reduction and finding the right supplier to unforeseen technical and logistical challenges.


Sales, Marketing
and Leasing

Providing end-to-end marketing sales and leasing services, we consider ourselves a resource for our clients’ sales and marketing teams, or a complete turnkey solution for their sales and marketing needs.

Beyond the sales transaction, we also focus on the entire lease lifecycle, including marketing, tenant improvements and options, renewals and notices. Our capabilities enable us to provide a truly comprehensive scope of services, creating a strategic marketing plan which includes any activity that will add value to our clients’ projects.

Sales, Marketing and Leasing